Gifts and Benefits Register

This register is published in accordance with the Australian Public Service Commission's Guidance for Agency Heads - Gifts and Benefits.

The Federal Court is required to maintain and publish on its website a register of any gifts and benefits accepted which are valued over $AUD 100 (excluding GST).

The register will be published quarterly, commencing 31 January 2020.

Reporting   PeriodDate receivedDate recordedGift item / Benefit / ServiceReceived by *
Presented byOccasionEstimated value in $A **Oct-
Oct-Dec 2023Nil
Jul-Sep 2023Nil       
Mar-Jun 2023 Nil       
Jan-Mar 2023Nil
Oct-Dec 2022Nil
Jul-Sep 2022Nil
Apr-Jun 2022Nil
Jan-Mar 2022 Nil      
3 Sep - 31 Dec 2021Nil      
1 Apr - 2 Sep 2021Nil      
Jan-Mar 202110/03/202111/05/2021Qantas Chairman's Lounge membershipCEO and Principal RegistrarQantasNoneNot known
Jan-Mar 2020Ongoing31/01/2020Qantas Chairman's Lounge membershipPresident, NNTTQantasNoneNot known
Jan-Mar 2020Ongoing31/01/2020Virgin Club membershipPresident, NNTTVirginNoneNot known

* Agency contact if not received directly by agency head
 ** Wholesale value in country of origin or current market value in Australia

Last reviewed 19 January 2024

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