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Activities in Kiribati

The Federal Court’s relationship with Kiribati  commenced in 1991 with the provision of updated legal resources to the High  Court library. Federal Court librarians visited Kiribati to provide advice on  collection maintenance, staff training, library procedures and task management.  Support has continued through the AusAid funded Interim Regional Judicial Development Program  in 2005, the Australian Youth Ambassadors for  Development Program (AYAD) volunteer assistance in 2010-11, and more recently  the Pacific Judicial Development Programme (PJDP).

Some of the areas of assistance under the PJDP  included workshops on judicial conduct, single Magistrates training on native  land claims, as well as consultations on improving responsiveness of courts to  address the needs of marginalised beneficiaries, as a result of which, PJDP  produced an Enabling  Rights Toolkit. Further details of activities run by the PJDP can be  found on the Programme website.

Consultations during the Enabling Rights Project, November 2014
Consultations during the Enabling Rights Project, November  2014

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