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Activities in Vanuatu

The Federal Court has collaborated with the Supreme Court of Vanuatu since 2000 with the Registrar’s visit to Vanuatu to prepare a report on how the Court could become self-administering, the recommendations of which were later implemented enabling the Supreme Court to become the first self-administering court in the Pacific. The Supreme Court of Vanuatu and the Federal Court of Australia entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2013. As part of the implementation of the MoU, the Court conducted analysis of the requirements and logistical issues involved in establishing case management procedures and an audit system, and subsequently commenced work to implement the relevant systems.

Vanuatua memorandum of understanding signing 2013
Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, June 2013

Vanuatu previously participated in the Pacific Islands Law Library Community Twinning Project, as well as the AusAID funded Pacific Regional Mediation Program in 2009, where the Court provided assistance in building skills, systems and processes to support the establishment of a regional network of mediators.

A number of activities have been held in Vanuatu as part of the Pacific Judicial Development Programme (PJDP), including the training-of-trainers, judicial orientation and decision making workshops. In 2013 PJDP conducted a workshop on practices and approaches in dealing with family violence and juvenile cases, which attracted broader attendance from various government, justice sector and non-government agencies. Further details of activities run by the PJDP can be found on the Programme’s website.

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