International Programs - Activities by Area of Expertise

"Equal justice has been a powerful and lasting theme of the development of legal and constitutional doctrine in Australia. The norms and conceptions of fairness and equality before the law have informed the development of powerful procedural and substantive principles. The conceptions of fairness, justice and equality before the law inhere in the fabric of the law and in its daily exercise by judges applying judicial power. Equality before the law lies at the heart of what all expect from the law."

Chief Justice Allsop, speech for the dinner following the opening of the law term Service at the Great Synagogue Sydney, 12th February 2014

While pursuing objectives of fairness, justice and equality for itself, the Federal Court has been involved in international judicial development projects designed to achieve those objectives across the region and beyond. Featured here are areas of collaboration in which the Court has developed expertise over the years.

The work of International Programs is underpinned by a number of cross-cutting themes in support of equitable and sustainable development. In rescinding the importance of addressing human rights, gender equality and sustainability in eliminating barriers to justice, the Court incorporates these themes across its international work as stipulated in the following Strategy Papers:

  • Rights-based Approach
  • Gender & Equity Strategy
  • Development Effectiveness Strategy