Urgent Admiralty and Maritime Applications

With all urgent judge-related admiralty and maritime applications, the filing party should contact the chambers of the relevant Admiralty & Maritime Registry Co-ordinating Judge in the Registry where the proceeding is intended to be filed or, in his or her absence, to a judge in the Admiralty & Maritime National Practice Area, in that Registry.

Note: Applications for the arrest of a vessel continue to be made to the Duty (or other nominated) Judicial Registrar unless the filing party specifically seeks that the proceeding be dealt with by a Judge.

The contact details for the chambers of the Admiralty & Maritime Registry Coordinating Judge and Admiralty & Maritime NPA Judges are:


Admiralty & Maritime NPA Registry Coordinating Judge

 NPA Senior Judges


Justice Rares
Associate: 02 8099 8518

Justice Stewart
Associate: 02 8099 8467


Justice Sarah C Derrington
Associate: 07 3052 4169
Associate: 07 3052 4177

In consultation with:

Justice O'Callaghan
Associate: 03 8638 6547

Justice McElwaine
Associate: 03 6240 7974


Justice Sarah C Derrington
Associate: 07 3052 4169 
Associate: 07 3052 4177


Justice Besanko
Associate: 08 7201 6188


Justice Feutrill
Associate: 08 6317 5387

Justice Banks-Smith 
Associate: 03 8638 6892

If you are unable to contact the Admiralty & Maritime NPA Coordinating Judge or another judge in the NPA, please contact the Principal Judicial Registrar & National Operations Registrar regarding the urgent originating admiralty & maritime application:

A/g Principal Judicial Registrar & National Operations Registrar

Rowan Davis
(03) 8638 6892

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