Justice Collier - Speeches & Papers

The personal property securities legislation - Experiences from Australia and New Zealand
Presented at the Personal Property Securities Act Workshop, Papua New Guinea, by Justice Collier
29 Nov 2017

Judicial review of public and private employment contracts
Presented at the Third National Underlying Law Conference, Papua New Guinea, by Justice Collier
27 Nov 2017

Recent developments and impending changes in practice and procedures in the Federal Court
Presented to the 2017 Bar Association of Queensland Employment and Industrial Relations Conference by Justice Collier
27 Aug 2017

Recent developments in Australian corporate governance
Presented at the New Zealand Law Society's Corporate Governance Intensive in New Zealand by Justice Collier
01 Jun 2017

The Influence of the Magna Carta on Papua New Guinea Law
This paper was delivered as the inaugural lecture in the Sir Salamo Injia Lecture Series at the School of Law, University of Papua New Guinea.
25 Jun 2015

Prioritisation of native title cases in the Federal Court of Australia
Presented to the Native Title Seminar, Brisbane, by Justice Collier.
27 May 2011

Reform of the law on personal property securities in Australia
Presented to the 2006 Insolvency Law Workshop, Canberra by Justice Collier.
11 Aug 2006