Justice Katzmann - Speeches & Papers

Re-wiring the law
An opening address by Justice Katzmann to the College of Law 2016 National Wellness for Law Forum.
04 Feb 2016

Pleadings and case management in civil proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia
Presented at the College of Law Judges' Series.
05 Nov 2015

The wellness doctrines
Book launch.
30 Sep 2015

Keynote speech - King & Wood Mallesons women’s mentoring program
Delivered at the King & Wood Mallesons women’s mentoring program launch.
06 Aug 2015

Another inconvenient truth
Presented at the Public Defenders Conference - Taronga Zoo
21 Feb 2015

Thematic: Contemporary issues facing the Australian legal profession
Presented at the launch of UNSW Law Journal
26 Nov 2014

The federal and state courts on constitutional law
Presented at the 2013 Constitutional Law Conference
15 Feb 2013

The future role of the judge - umpire, manager, mediator or service provider
Presented at the UNSW Faculty of Law 40th Anniversary Lecture
01 Dec 2012

Looking after no. 1 - and no. 2
Lunchtime talk to McCabe Terrill Lawyers
25 Nov 2011

Swearing in and welcome of the Honourable Justice Katzmann
Transcript of proceedings of the ceremonial sitting of the Full Court
02 Feb 2010