Justice Moshinsky - Speeches & Papers

Australian Courts and the Extraterritorial Operation of Laws – Consumer and Competition Laws
A paper presented to the Australian Judicial Officers Association 2022 Colloquium
08 Oct 2022

'Defining and Determining a “Substantial Lessening of Competition', chapter 7 in in Gvozdenovic M and Puttick S (eds), Current Issues in Competition Law, vol 1 (The Federation Press, 2021) (PDF, 746 KB)
By Justice Moshinsky. Reproduced with the permission of Federation Press.
22 Nov 2021

The federal and state courts on constitutional law: The 2018 term
Presented to the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, 2019 Constitutional Law Conference, by Justice Moshinsky.
15 Feb 2019

The continuing evolution of the 'best interests' duty for superannuation trustees from Cowan v Scargill to the current regulatory framework
Presented at the 2018 Superannuation Conference, Canberra, by Justice Moshinsky.
09 Mar 2018

Charter remedies
By Justice Moshinsky - Chapter in Groves M and Campbell C (eds) Australian Charters of Rights a Decade On (The Federation Press, 2017). Reproduced with the permission of Federation Press.
17 Jul 2017

Ceremonial sitting of the Full Court for the welcome of the Honourable Justice Moshinsky
Transcript of proceedings
11 Nov 2015

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