Speeches by Former Judges of the Court: Justice Edelman

Foreword to "Enrichment at the Claimant's Expense Attribution Rules in Unjust Enrichment"
Foreword by Justice Edelman; Author Eli Bail, published by Hart Publishing, December 2016
01 Dec 2016


The nature and function of intellectual property: lessons from Down Under
Presented at the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand Inc by Justice Edelman.
19 Oct 2016


Legal issues on Brexit
Presented at the Sir Harry Gibbs Law Dinner by Justice Edelman.
01 Sep 2016


Foreword - Private law and power
Foreword to 'Private law and power' (editors, Barker, Degeling, Fairweather and Grantham)
11 May 2016


Three issues in construction of contracts
Presented at the Supreme and Federal Court Judges' Conference 2016, by Justice Edelman.
27 Jan 2016


Vindicatory damages
Presented at TC Beirne School of Law conference 'Private Law in the 21st century", Brisbane
15 Dec 2015


Lord Bingham of Cornhill
Selden Society Australian Chapter, Brisbane, by Justice Edelman
03 Dec 2015


Understanding tracing rules
W A Lee Equity Lecture 2015 Banco Court, Supreme Court of Queensland by Justice Edelman
26 Nov 2015


Speech delivered to the DF Jackson QC advocacy dinner, TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland by Justice Edelman
24 Nov 2015


Understanding causation and attribution of responsibility
Paper delivered at the Commercial Conference of the Supreme Court of Victoria/University of Melbourne, Banco Court by Justice Edelman
07 Sep 2015


Why do we have rules of procedural fairness?
Paper delivered at the Supreme Court of Victoria/University of Melbourne colloquium by Justice Edelman
04 Sep 2015


An English misturning with equitable compensation
Paper delivered at the UNSW Australia colloquium on equitable compensation and disgorgement of profit, 7-8 August 2015, by Justice Edelman.
11 Aug 2015


Ceremonial sitting of the Full Court for the swearing in and welcome of the Honourable Justice Edelman
Transcript of swearing-in ceremony
20 Apr 2015