Speeches by Former Judges of the Court: Justice Greenwood

Remarks by the Hon Justice Andrew Greenwood on the launching of Dr William Isdale’s book entitled 'Compensation for Native Title'
30 Jun 2022

Speaking remarks: The art of decision-making
Presented to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, 2018 National Conference by Justice Greenwood.
29 May 2018

A paper concerning aspects of federal jurisdiction
Presented to the TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland by Justice Greenwood
19 Aug 2017

Judicial review of the exercise of discretionary public power
An address given on 27 April 2017 to the Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Administrative Law by Justice Greenwood
27 Apr 2017

Opening Remarks: “Barwick, bankruptcy and the human dimension"
Delivered to the International Personal Insolvency Conference 2016, by Justice Greenwood.
07 Sep 2016

Occasional Address by the Hon Justice Andrew Greenwood of the Federal Court of Australia on the occasion of the conferring by the Council of Griffith University of an Honorary Degree of Doctor of the University
By Justice Greenwood
19 Dec 2014

Reflections on patentable subject matter in United States and Australian patent law
Paper written by Justice Greenwood
01 Aug 2010

Recent developments in market definition
Opening address to the 2010 Competition Law Conference, Sydney.
29 May 2010

Remarks of Justice Greenwood on the occasion of the ceremonial sitting of the Full Court of the Federal Court to mark the appointment of new senior counsel.
Remarks by Justice Greenwood to mark the appointment of new senior counsel (Mr Glen Rice SC; Mr Michael Byrne SC; and Mr Alexander Horneman-Wren SC).
17 Dec 2009

Opening address at the 2009 Alternative Dispute Resolution Conference
By Justice Greenwood.
24 Sep 2009

Legal protection for product design
Presented by Justice Greenwood to the Global Forum on Intellectual Property, Singapore.
08 Jan 2009

Introductory remarks by the Chair of the session - 'Considerations to be taken into account inframing a cartel offence'
By Justice Greenwood at the Competition Law Conference, Sydney.
24 May 2008

Is there a need for a separate corporations court?
Presented by Justice Greenwood to the Company Law Conference, Brisbane.
31 Mar 2008

Intellectual property issues: comments from the Bench
Presented to the Licensing Executives Society of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference by Justice Greenwood.
17 Mar 2007

Some aspects of tendency and propensity evidence in a federal setting
Presented to the Bar Association of Queensland Conference by Justice Greenwood.
03 Mar 2006