Forms under the Federal Court (Corporations) Rules 2000

For official versions of these forms, please refer to Schedule 1 of the Federal Court (Corporations) Rules 2000.

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No. Title
1 Document title (doc - 24.5 kb)
  Rule 2.1
A title of a document under these rules must be headed in accordance with Form 1. This form shows the layout of the header and should be copied/cut or pasted into the top of another document or form if this information is not already there
2 Originating process (doc - 30.5 kb) 
Rule 2.2
Originating process: Form 2 is used to commence proceedings under the Corporations Act.
3 Interlocutory process (doc - 27.5 kb)
Rule 2.2
4 Notice of appearance  (doc - 21 kb)
Rule 2.9
5 Notice of intervention by the Commission  (doc - 19.5 kb)
Rule 2.10
6 Notice of hearing to approve compromise or arrangement  (doc - 20.5 kb)
Rule 3.4

Affidavit accompanying statutory demand  (doc - 22.5 kb)
Rule 5.2

Important note: An affidavit must be in a form that complies with the rules of the Court or the rules of the Supreme Court of the State (if any) or Territory (if any) where the affidavit was sworn or affirmed.

8 Consent of liquidator/provisional liquidator  (doc 22 kb)
Rules 5.5, 6.1
9 Notice of application for winding up order  (doc - 20.5 kb)
Rule 5.6
10 Notice of application for winding up order by substituted plaintiff  (doc - 20.5 kb)
Rule 5.10
11 Notice of winding up order and of appointment of liquidation  (doc - 19.5 kb)
Rule 5.11
12 Notice of appointment of provisional liquidator  (doc - 19.5 kb)
Rule 6.2
13 Notice by creditor or contributory of objection to release of liquidator  (doc - 20 kb)
Rule 7.6
14 Affidavit in support of application for order for payment of call  (doc - 28.5 kb)
Rule 7.8
15 Notice of application for leave to distribute a surplus  (doc - 20 kb)
Rule 7.9
16 Notice of intention to apply for remuneration  (doc - 20 kb)
Rules 9.1,  9.2,  9.3,  9.4,  9.5
16a Notice of intention to apply for review of remuneration  (doc - 25 kb)
Rules 9.2A,  9.4A
17 Summons for public examination  (doc - 21 kb)
Rule 11.3
17a Arrest warrant  (doc - 27.5 kb)
Rules 11A.01 and Corporations Act 2001 s 486B
18 Summons for appearance in relation to registration of transfer of interests  (doc - 20 kb)
Rule 12.2
19 Consent to act as designated person  (doc - 23 kb)
Rule 15A.5
20 Notice of filing of application for recognition of foreign proceeding  (doc - 24.5 kb)
Rule 15A.6
21 Notice of making of order under the Cross-Border Insolvency Act 2008  (doc - 24 kb)
    Rule 15A.7
22 Notice of dismissal or withdrawal of application for recognition of foreign proceeding  (doc - 23 kb)
Rule 15A.7
23 Notice of filing of application to modify or terminate an order for recognition or other relief  (doc - 24.5 kb)
Rule 15A.9