National Court Framework (NCF) Forms

As part of the NCF reforms, a number of forms have been developed and some existing forms have been amended. In addition, there are requirements in some national practice notes for the lodging of specific documents. Set out below are the NCF forms and the information concerning documents that are required in certain practice notes.

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Prescribed and "Interim" NCF Forms

Form 127 - Bill of Costs

The Form 127 - Bill of Costs is a prescribed form under the Federal Court Rules 2011 (Cth) ("Federal Court Rules"). (On 25 October 2016, the previous Form 127 - Bill of Costs (version 3) was revoked and the current Form 127 - Bill of Costs (version 4) was approved by the Chief Justice, under the Federal Court Rules).

"Interim" forms

In addition to the Bill of Costs, the following forms have been developed or amended to support the national practice notes. These forms are currently undergoing internal consultation and have been issued by the Court as "interim" forms. The forms in the table below are the relevant forms to use and the Court will notify its subscribers when the forms are amended or released as "final".

Form No.FormStatusPractice Note (PN)
NCF1Concise Statement (DOCX, 26 KB)InterimCPN-1 & any National Practice Area PN
NCF2Pro-forma Tax Questionnaire (DOCX, 61 KB)Amended - interimTAX-1
NCF3Notice of Disclosure - Litigation Funding Agreements (DOCX, 20 KB)InterimGPN-CA
NCF4Party request for access to Court documents (RTF, 275 KB)Being reviewed - interimGPN-ACCS
NCF5Non-Party (including Media) request for access to Court documents (RTF, 199 KB)Being reviewed - interim GPN-ACCS
NCF6Request for Enforcement (DOCX, 26 KB)InterimGPN-ENF
NCF7Request for Leave to Issue a Subpoena (DOCX, 70 KB)InterimGPN-SUBP
NCF8Uplift Form (DOCX, 66 KB)InterimGPN-SUBP
81AOriginating application under the Fair Work Act 2009  alleging sexual harassment (DOCX, 24 kb)Interim 


Access to Documents Forms (being reviewed)

The forms relating to Party and Non-Party/Media access to Court documents requests are currently being reviewed and updated. Forms will be issued on completion of the review. In the interim, please use the following current forms:

If you are requesting access to Court documents, please note the requirements on the person or party making a request as set out in the Court's Access to Documents and Transcripts Practice Note (GPN-ACCS).

See also: How to access documents filed in a class action.

Documents Required by the National Practice Notes

Parties may be required to file a specified document, in accordance with certain national practice notes.

These documents do not have specified formats and can be prepared using the Court's general Title forms (Forms 1 - 3). If there are any specific requirements for such a document, it will be contained in the relevant national practice note.

The following table sets out the specific documents required in certain practice notes and the relevant practice note and paragraph reference (or pinpoint):

DocumentsPractice NotePinpoint
Summary of Principal IssuesA&M-1Para 5.3
Agreed Statement for the CourtA&M-1 Para 7.4
Outline of CaseACLHR-1Para 6.5 & 12.1
Trial BundleACLHR-1Para 12.2
Costs Summary (Affidavit)GPN-COSTSPara 4.5
Costs Response (Affidavit)GPN-COSTSPara 4.6
Agreed PrimerIP-1Para 6.8
Agreed Glossary of Key Technical TermsIP-1Para 6.11
Agreed Statement or TableIP-1Para 6.17
Agreed Statement of Issues – PatentsIP-1Para 12.3
Joint-Exhibit List
  • Para 12.4 – IP-1
  • Para 9.2(d) – TAX-1
Preliminary Witness ListTAX-1Para 5.2
Taxation Case Management Conference DocumentsTAX-1Para 5.10