Learn about Court Processes, Procedures and Documents

Where can I get information about Court procedures?

The Federal Court’s procedures are set out in:

Other Court resources that contain useful information relating to the Court’s practice and procedures include:

What legislation applies to the Federal Court?

The Court’s jurisdiction is broad, covering almost all civil matters arising under Australian federal law and some summary and indictable criminal matters. Refer to the list of Federal legislation which confers jurisdiction on the Federal Court.

What do the Federal Court Rules do?

The Federal Court Rules set out the procedures that need to be followed in the Court. They also direct you to the appropriate forms to be used when preparing documents for use in the Court. The forms can also be found on the Court's website.

Each NPA webpage contains information about the forms and rules required to start a matter in that NPA.

What are Practice Notes?

The Court has developed Practice Notes to provide information to parties on particular aspects of the Court's practice and procedure. These practice notes have been issued by the Chief Justice of the Court.

There are three main types of practice notes:

  • Central Practice Note (CPN-1): which is the essential guide to case management and practice in the Federal Court in all proceedings
  • National Practice Area (NPA) Practice Notes: which set out the arrangements for the management of matters for each of the NPAs
  • General Practice Notes (GPNs): which apply across multiple NPAs or to general practice and procedures in the Court. They address areas such as class actions, expert evidence, costs, subpoenas and accessing documents.