Law Council of Australia's Case Management Handbook

The Law Council of Australia's "Federal Court Case Management Handbook" is a very important development in the ongoing dialogue between the Federal Court of Australia and the legal profession who practise before it about how best to manage the cases which are commenced in the Court. It contains a wealth of information, guidance, ideas and suggestion about the tools and techniques available for use in the Court. It garners the experience of judges and practitioners.

The principal aims of this work are twofold:

  • First, to highlight the scope of the case management tools and techniques that are available to the Court and practitioners to assist in ensuring the quick, inexpensive and efficient resolution of proceedings before the Court; and
  • Secondly, to gather and distill the experience of practitioners and judges.

Whilst the Court is happy to provide this link to the Law Council's Handbook on it's website, it should be noted that the Handbook is not a Court document.

Following the National Court Framework reforms in 2016, the Law Council of Australia and the Federal Court are working together to review the Law Council Handbook. Once finalised, the updated handbook will take into account the Court's new national practice notes and any other relevant guides and forms that have altered the practice and procedure in the Federal Court.


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