Administrative Notices QLD 1

This Administrative Notice is REVOKED

On 25 October 2016, as part of the National Court Framework (NCF) reforms, all existing Administrative Notices were revoked and 26 new national practice notes were issued, effective immediately.

There will no longer be any administrative state-based notices.

To assist Court users to understand the changes to the practice documents, the Court has prepared:

Corporations matters

Queensland District Registry

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1.  This notice advises the profession of the administrative arrangements for the handling of Corporations matters (being matters under the Corporations Act 2001, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission Act 2001 and the Cross Border Insolvency Act 2008) in the Queensland District Registry of the Court. Corporate insolvency (not personal bankruptcy) is included. In order to facilitate the Corporations jurisdiction, the Court has established special listing arrangements to facilitate ease of access to the Court and Corporations Panel Judges in the hearing and determination of matters.

Urgent corporations matters

2.  All urgent Corporations applications, including applications made without notice, will be heard by the rostered Duty Judge. The identity of the rostered Duty Judge may be ascertained by reference to the published Court List on the Court’s website ( or by telephoning the Registry on (07) 3248 1100. Urgent applications may be arranged on any Court sitting day by contacting the Associate to the rostered Duty Judge. The contact telephone numbers for the Judges’ Associates are:

Dowsett J
Associate: (07) 3248 1131

Greenwood J
Associate: (07) 3248 1151

Collier J
Associate: (07) 3248 1111

Logan J
Associate: (07) 3248 1121

Reeves J
Associate: (07) 3248 1171

3.  For urgent Corporations matters out of business hours or on days other than Court sitting days, a party may contact the Duty Registrar on 0407 469 171. Practitioners should identify Corporations matters as such. The Duty Registrar will immediately liaise with the rostered Duty Judge.

Delegated jurisdiction

4.  Registrars have power to deal with the matters set out in Schedule 2 of the Federal Court (Corporations) Rules 2000.

5.  Corporations matters within the delegated jurisdiction of a Registrar are initially made returnable before a Registrar on Fridays at 9.30 am. The Registrar deals with matters within the Registrar’s delegation provided that the Registrar considers it appropriate to do so.

6.  The Registrar may adjourn to the rostered Duty Judge, or allocate to the docket of a Judge, matters which the Registrar considers inappropriate to be dealt with under delegation.

Other matters

7.  Matters which are neither urgent nor within the delegated jurisdiction (but including all applications to review decisions of Registrars exercising delegated jurisdiction) are, in the first instance, made returnable before the rostered Duty Judge. The party commencing a matter is to nominate the return date at the time of filing the relevant process, such date being a Friday not more than 21 days after such filing.

Corporations Panel

8.  All Corporations matters which are not dealt with by the rostered Duty Judge or by a Registrar will be allocated to the docket of a Judge. The Corporations Panel in Queensland consists of the following Judges:

Dowsett J
Greenwood J (Panel Co‑ordinator)
Collier J
Logan J
Reeves J

9.  After allocation, all arrangements in relation to any interlocutory application should be made by contacting the Associate to the docket Judge. Interlocutory applications or other applications may then be filed with return dates inserted. In general, a party who proposes to contact the docket Judge should first discuss suitable dates with other parties. Should the docket Judge be unavailable, a party may approach the rostered Duty Judge.

Corporations list

10.  The rostered Duty Judge sits on Fridays from 9.30 am to deal with matters referred from the Registrar’s list and such other matters as are returnable or fixed for hearing on those days.


Heather Baldwin
District Registrar
1 August 2011