Practice Information Note APP 1: Case Management of Full Court and Appellate Matters

Practice Information Note APP1 is currently under review following the appointment of Chief Justice Mortimer. 

In the meantime, parties should note the following key points in relation to Full Court and appellate matters:

  • Full Court and appellate matters are triaged by a Registrar in consultation with the National Appeals Coordinating Judge within approximately one month of filing.  This process takes place wholly on the papers. 
  • In the absence of any interlocutory applications, parties can expect to be contacted by the Court ahead of the next available Full Court and appellate period.
  • Appeals from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 2) will be allocated to a single judge to hear and determine, unless the judge considers that it is appropriate for the appeal to be heard by a Full Court: see s 25(1AA) of the Federal Court of Australia Act 1976.  The allocation will be made within approximately two to four weeks of filing and the chambers of the relevant judge will make contact in due course. 
  • Any filings that require urgent attention within approximately one week of filing, such as certain stay applications, should be brought to the attention of the relevant Duty judge.  Matters that are not sufficiently urgent for the Duty system but still require consideration within a month of filing should be brought to the attention of the local Registry marked for the attention of the Appeals Registrar, National Operations Registry.  
  • Any queries relating to the case management of Full Court and appellate matters should be directed by email to the local Registry and marked for the attention of the Appeals Registrar, National Operations Registry. 

Updated 19 June 2023 

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