Scam Emails

16 September 2022

We have received reports that some people have received emails purportedly sent from the Federal Court of Australia relating to jury summonses.

These emails inform people that they have been selected to serve as a juror and  prompt them to click a link to validate information and obtain a jury number.

An example is below:

Scam email
Click on image to see large version

These emails have not been sent by the Federal Court and are fraudulent.

If you are not sure if it's the Court contacting you, please contact us to check.

Do not click on any links as they may contain viruses or malware and delete the item from your inbox and deleted items folder.

Please refer any suspicious correspondence

Key indicators of scam emails include:

  • The sender's email address contains typos or lacks a business domain.
  • Personal information such as login credentials is requested.
  • The email is poorly written.
  • Unsolicited attachments are included.
  • Links are included that redirect to an external website.

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