How to Track a Case

Using the Commonwealth Courts Portal (CCP)

By registering as a user of the CCP, it is possible to track a case so that you are informed when there is any activity in that case. This includes when a new listing date is added, when a document is lodged or when Judge's orders or judgments are delivered.

Please note, only parties and their legal representatives are able to view documents lodged in a case, and only if those documents are available electronically; Judges' orders and judgments, on the other hand, can be viewed by anyone.

How to register

1. Go to the Commonwealth Courts Portal and click on the Login link.

Login link


2. Click on the Register now link and follow the instructions.

Register now link


How to track (or star) a case

1. Login to the Commonwealth Courts Portal.

Login link 


2. Click on Federal Law Search on the main page.

Federal Law Search link 


3. The search screen will display - search for the case you wish to track.

Search screen


4. When you've found the case, click on the star next to it.

Search results with 'star'


5. Next time you login, you can check on any recent activity by clicking on Show recent activities.

'Recent activity' area


6. This is an example of the Recent Activity page:

Recent activity page


How to set-up email notifications

7. Once you've found the case, click on the file number to display the case details.

Click on file number link


8. Click on one of the Application Titles; in this case there are two - 'Intellectual Property' is the originating application.

9. Click on Notify me by email of activity on this application.

Confirm email notification


11. You will be asked to confirm - click OK.

Confirm email notification


12. You can cancel the notification at any time by clicking on the link in step 10, which now reads Do not notify me by email of activity on this application.

Cancel email notification

July 2013