BIJ23 v State of Western Australia

Online File

At 01 December 2023

Given the significant public interest in this matter, the Court has adopted a publicly available Online File.

Documents will be placed onto the Online File when they are considered both by the Court and the parties to be publicly accessible. Unrestricted documents such as the originating process are already available. In particular, affidavits read and documents tendered in the proceeding (with appropriate redactions) may be placed onto the Online File. The Court has made orders prohibiting the disclosure and publication of any redacted information in those documents.

The Court will endeavour to upload documents read or tendered in Court on the day they are read or tendered.

WAD109/2023BIJ23 & Anor v State of Western Australia

Date published to website Date filed Document title Filed by
21 November 2023 20 November 2023 Orders of Justice Abraham -
24 July 2023 05 May 2023 Originating application (PDF, 32.5 MB) Applicants
24 July 2023 05 May 2023 Affidavit of Stewart Levitt (PDF, 3.4 MB) Applicants