Speeches by Former Judges of the Court: Justice Barker

Ceremonial Sitting of the Full Court to Farewell the Honourable Justice Barker
Transcript of proceedings.
30 Jan 2019

Do judges make law?
Presented at the University of Notre Dame Australia Law Review, by Justice Barker
01 Dec 2017

Zen and the art of native title negotiation
Presented by Justice Barker at the 2015 National Native Title Conference, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
16 Jun 2015

Alternative pathways to outcomes in native title anthropology
Presented at the ANU's Centre for Native Title Anthropology/Native Title Services Victoria by Justice Barker
12 Feb 2015

Legal unreasonableness: Life after Li
Presented to the 2014 AIAL National Conference.
25 Jul 2014

A long and winding road: Issues of proof in native title in the second decade of the 21st century
Presented to the 4th Annual Native Title Conference (Legalwise seminars) by Justice Barker.
13 Jun 2014

Innovation and management of native title claims: what have the last 20 years taught us?
By Justice Barker
03 Jun 2013

First you see it, then you don't - Harry Houdini and the art of interpreting statutes
By Justice Barker
05 Oct 2012

Imagining the future: planning and environment courts and tribunals in the 21st century
Keynote address by Justice Barker to the Australasian Conference of Planning & Environment Courts & Tribunals.
30 Aug 2012

What makes a good government lawyer
Presented by Justice Barker to the Australian Government Solicitors, 'Essentials for Government Lawyers' .
16 Nov 2010

On being a Chapter III judge
Presented by Justice Barker at the Law Society of Western Australia Law Week 2010, Sir Ronald Wilson Lecure.
20 May 2010

The duty of parties and their lawyers to co-operate and act in good faith in civil proceedings
Presented by Justice Barker in a seminar to celebrate and reflect on the 10th Anniversary of the Western Australian Law Reform Commission's Final Report on the Review of the Criminal and Civil Justice System in Western Australia.
13 Oct 2009